Wine Reviews – Chalkboard Malbec

Lobster Rolls

The Breakdown

Chalkboard Malbec is one of the few wines that tastes exactly like the label describes. It has a very dark and rich color with a flavor to match.  Blackberry, cherry and plum pop out at the forefront when it hits your tongue but then settles. The finish has nots of nutmeg, cloves, and oak but in a very smooth and pleasant finish. Like a hug from a loved grandfather. It’s sweet but in a very subtle way.  Definitely not dry but not overpowering either.

This is a perfect wine to pair with ribs…I can tell you this because I drank it with ribs. Then with a porch. Then with binge watching something stupid on Netflix.  So although Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec didn’t officially give it his seal of approval I think he would and did.


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