Wine Reviews – Hogue Riesling 

Lobster Rolls

The Breakdown

Eastern Washington just tapped into the nectar of the gods with this Riesling.  Rieslings are known to be a little on the sweet side and very fruit forward which can be overpowering. The Hogue Riesling has subtle elements of apricot, peach and zesty citrus with a crisp clean finish. The second it hit my lips I thought back to what I imagined wine tasting like as a child but while mad dog  destroyed my innocence and the shoes I was wearing Hogue didn’t disappoint in the least.  It’s mild, crisp flavor, not at all dry but not overly sweet is a perfect hot weather sidekick.

It pairs wonderfully with any wine, and if you were planning on some peal and eat shrimp this would be just about perfect.


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