Wine Reviews – Kung Fu Girl Riesling 

Lobster Rolls

The Breakdown

Kung Fu Girl Riesling jumps right off the shelf at you.  When I first saw the bottle I thought to myself this is either going to be really good or really bad.  I was right.  This is a wonderful Riesling. Right off the bat you are rewarded with aromas of green apple, peach, lemon, lime, and some floral notes.  It really shines once it hits your mouth with lively acidity and crisp, clean hints of citrus lime and green apple.

Rieslings are known for their sweetness and this one is a sweet wine but it feels like it’s more from the heavy fruit forward nature of the wine rather than residual sugar.  The finish is slightly tart with almost tropical flavors with a long finish. This is a perfect wine to pair with a rich pizza, Cajun, Indian or any spicy foods.


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